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Fact: Sybink’s code monkeys are wild!

Every so often we put the whip down and let our coding monkies really go ape; we let them code for fun (told you they’re wild!).   Whenever they code a utility, app or something we think you’ll like, we’ll post it here and what’s more they’re all FREE!

Why not let us know what uses you find for our free utilities by getting in touch.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions then contact us.  We can’t promise we’ll reply to every single one of you but can promise someone will read it.


Keyboard Emulator for Serial Devices

Easy to install & configure, small footprint application that allows a serial device to be emulated as a HID keyboard to your operating system(OS).  This nifty little install will run on startup and take any input from your serial device and present it to your OS as if it were being typed on a keyboard.  We thought this application was so useful we even use it in our commercial products for sending barcodes from a serial scanner to running applications.

Download  (Windows, .Net 2.0+ required)

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  • Muscle Base Gym
  • FM Driving School
  • Jah Wilz Productions
  • Dowe Dynamics Gym