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Market driven systems, built on industry proven technologies

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sysPOS is an all in one complete POS solution specifically designed, developed and updated for start-up and small businesses.  It’s also ideal for clubs, those running their own stalls and anyone selling or maintaining inventory.

We’ve gone back to the core of selling to make things simple, fast and easy to use; ideal for those that aren’t whiz’s on a computer.  We looked at the existing packages and realised one thing – They’re all bloated with features MOST retailers don’t need!  So why pay for something you won’t use and whats more, having just the features you need means you can concentrate on running your business.

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Electronic Point of Sale
Intuitive and simple sales transactions. Complete systems available with touch screen, barcode scanner, receipt printer and till drawer.

Stock Management
Quickly and easily add products and services. Monitor stock additions and deductions and reduce purchasing costs immediately!

Review & Analysis
Review daily, weekly and monthly takings with engaging dashboards. Create meaningful reports with the ability to export to PDF or Excel.

Electronic Point of Sale

• Simple, clear and intuitive layout and navigation.
• Large, easily identifiable buttons with images used.
• Effortlessly add products and services to a transaction using a barcode scanner.
• Use the touch screen to select bestselling items from the home screen or
• Option to enter unreadable barcodes manually.
• Find items within seconds by filtering on product categories and product name.
• Option to add miscellaneous/general sales.
• No need to enter the same item multiple times; update quantities direct.
• Void single items or cancel the whole transaction.
• Discount any item or total transaction amount.
• Subtotal and total amounts as items are added to the basket including applying discounts.
• Tender cash payments, clearly viewing amount recorded and change due helping reduce operator error.
• Warn operator when monies still owed.
• Alter cash tender at any time upon which totals are instantly adjusted
• Print fully customisable receipts from high quality thermal printer.
• Receipt includes unique transaction ID for reviewing sale at a later date.
• Include company logo, contact details and personalised message on receipts.
• Create granular user accounts and give operators as little or as much access as required.
• Secure tender in automatic till drawer that opens after each sale.
• Option to manually open till drawer if operator has necessary permission.
• Record stock adjustments i.e. employee consumption, free gift, etc. direct from POS screen.
• Run elevated actions direct from POS screen by manager using his/her account for the one time. Screen returns to operator after action.
• System constantly monitors stock quantities as they are put through till thus reducing inventory and actual quantity mismatch.

Stock Management

• Create custom product categories.
• Suspend/resume whole categories and all items in that category.
• Setup products with name, short code, barcode, price and assign to product categories.
• Mark products favourites to have them display on the home screen.
• Suspend/resume products on individual basis to stop their sale.
• Record current quantity on setup and enter trigger point for reordering.
• Make additional notes about products in supplied free-text box.
• Add suppliers of products and review suppliers giving you the best prices, per unit.
• Quickly setup suppliers with accounts numbers, account managers and full contact details.
• Search for existing products via ID, name, short code, barcode and product category.
• Suspend/resume suppliers.
• Make additional notes about suppliers in free-text box provided.
• List products supplied by currently selected supplier.
• Search for existing suppliers on file via ID or name.
• Create services using name, short code, barcode and current price.
• Mark services as favourites to have them display on the home screen.
• Suspend/resume services on individual basis to stop their sale.
• Search for existing services available via ID, name, short code and barcode
Stock Adjustments
• Record ALL stock adjustments tracking inventory usage.
• sysPOS automatically records items sold for later review.
• Manually record any addition or subtraction of stock using customisable adjustment screen.
• Easily locate product being adjusted by name, ID, code, product type or simply scan a barcode.
• Record quantity & reason for adjustment.
• Link to unique invoice numbers, suppliers & expiry date when noting stock purchases.
• Record cost price for stock purchase allowing sysPOS to detail cheapest supplier per item.
• Customise & create new adjustment reasons as your business changes i.e. Employee consumption, theft or refund, etc
• Enter adjustment specific note in free text box where required.
Stock Purchase
• Quick & easy reordering screen making you aware which products are low on stock
• Filter reorder list thus allowing different employees to concentrate on reordering different product lines.
• Generator printable & exportable reports that detail which items need purchasing, the current quantity in stock and the reorder amount.
• Report includes product code, barcode and current price to allow employee to verify items.
• Reorder screen provides a list of all notes previously recorded against the item to assist ordering i.e. available colours of sweaters or flavours of chocolate bars
• All available on-going suppliers of products that are below trigger levels are listed.
• Telephone & fax number as well as account numbers are provided for your convenience.
• Best of all, the previous cost price for that item from that supplier is presented to you so you can compare the best price.
• Mark item as ‘on order’ to notify sysPOS and staff that item has now been actioned.
Stock Takes
• Keep on top of your stock management by carrying out stock takes with the help of sysPOS.
• Printable & exportable ‘stock take’ generator producing reports of all active product lines.
• Lists item ID, name, category, code, barcode, etc in alphabetical order for ease of use.
• Further lists current quantity and provides entry field to record actual quantity counted by employee.
• Generate stock takes per product category helping you best manage staff time during inventory checks.

Review & Analysis

Analysis Dashboards
• Engaging dashboards available for daily, weekly and monthly analysis.
• Instantly review total sales and total number of transactions.
• Break down of sales figures by ‘General Sales’, number of items sold and discounted items, etc.
• View top performing operators by number of sales and by sum of sales, presented as graphs.
• Verify cash tender with total tender amount and audit number of times till opened manually.
• View bestselling products, services and categories helping you plan your business objectives. Also useful for trending future levels of sales.
• Quickly establish stock adjustments with total additions and deduction’s in the period.
• Review number of products below minimum quantity level and subsequently the number of items already put on order.
• Review every transaction put through sysPOS for complete accountability of your staff.
• View sales in pre-set periods i.e. today, this week, this month, etc or select from a calendar.
• For each transaction, view unique ID, date & time of sale, the total sale amount, any discounts levied and the operator during the sale.
• Per transaction view all items, viewing any discounts applied and quantity sold.
• Finally verify cash tendered and total collected.
• Filter transactions by ID, transaction totals and those sales where a discount has been levied.
• Ability to view sales from specific operator to investigate cash shortfalls.
• Clear indication of total transactions and sum of sales depending on defined criteria.
• Highlight transactions with ‘exceptional’ totals.
Stock Adjustments
• Review every stock adjustment made through sysPOS for easy auditing.
• View adjustments in periods i.e. today, this week, this month, etc or select from a calendar.
• View date & time of adjustment, the product in question, the reason for the adjustment and quantity adjusted.
• Link item being adjusted in product category and the operator at the time of the adjustment.
• Use of markers (+/-) clearly indicates if stock addition or subtraction.
• View supplier, invoice number, purchase price and expiration date for stock purchases.
• Review operator note on stock adjustment.
• Filter adjustments by products or suppliers or both.
• Drill down by adjustment reason e.g. sale, refund, theft, etc or further by product category, adjustment amount or even search for an invoiced purchase.
• Review adjustments by operator to improve accountability.
• Highlight ‘abnormal’ additions and subtractions.
Till Adjustments
• Review all till adjustments i.e. cash in/out
• View adjustments in periods i.e. today, this week, this month, etc or select from a calendar.
• Date & time recorded along with till balance before and after adjustment amount.
• Use of markers (+/-) clearly indicates if till addition or subtraction.
• Adjustment note recorded for instances where a note might be necessary.
• Till resets recorded and filtered independently.
• Drill down all records by adjustment amount, operator at the time and whether the till was manually opened from POS screen.
• Highlight ‘abnormal’ additions and subtractions assisting you in finding mistakes or problems from operators.

Our Clients

  • Muscle Base Gym
  • FM Driving School
  • Jah Wilz Productions
  • Dowe Dynamics Gym